Border Crossings

This week was what I affectionately call the Bishop’s Slumber Party. It’s officially the annual Clergy Convocation in Kerrville where all the clergy of the Rio Texas Conference gather for fellowship, worship, and teaching. As usual I came away blessed and inspired. This time the topic was a very timely one: border crossings.

I’ve been reflecting the last few days on how this topic hits me. My meditations on this are grounded in the loving acts of border crossing we see in Jesus. He crosses the boundary of ritual cleanliness of his time to touch and heal the leper (Luke 5: 12-16). He crosses the religious boundaries when he forgives the sins of paralytic before healing him (Luke 5: 17-26), heals on the Sabbath (Luke 6: 6-11), and allows a sinful woman to bathe his feet with oil and tears (Luke 7:36-50).  The list goes on and on. Jesus was continuously crossing borders in his loving action to forgive, heal, and restore lost, hurt and dying people. And he calls us to go and do likewise by the power of his Holy Spirit!

So I invite you to be in prayer and reflection about the borders God might be calling you to cross. Who has God put in your path who needs a loving touch, word, or deed so that they might know the love and grace of God? What fears, anxieties, or prejudices might you need to release in order for you to cross the border and bring God’s light and love to that person?

I hope you can be in worship this Sunday as we continue in our Come Hungry message series, focusing on the story of the sheep and goats. We’ll be celebrating Holy Communion and creating Manna Bags for the Homeless. I look forward to seeing what God stirs up in us as we worship!