Life in the City is governed by a single board called the Lead Team, composed of 12 lay members and the Lead Pastor.  This leadership model was created in an effort to allow more nimble and efficient decision making, pushing the day to day management of ministry to where it belongs, with the pastors, staff and ministry team leaders.  Best of all, this model allows the leadership to concentrate on the core mission of the church; expressing and living out the radically inclusive love of God in Christ for the health and wholeness of mind, body and spirit. 

Class of 2019

Pam Owens

Kristen Helmsdoerfer

Bob Radebaugh

Crystal Paull

Class of 2020

Mark Wendland

Dana Ripley

Lisa Morrow

Arlyn Owens

Class of 2021

Amy Wendland

Kevin Lawson

Carol Elms

Adam Fambrough

Lead Team

Amy Wendland

Arts Ministry

Crystal Paull


Children & Family Ministry

Greg Durham

Connecting Ministry

Financial Peace

Mark Miller


Linda Thomas


Ashley Cuellar


Angela Villescaz

Prayer Ministry

Ashley Cuellar

 Anne Brown

Stephen Ministry

Lisa Morrow

Swing dance ministry

Jason Esparza

Tween/Youth Ministry

Worship Support

Anne Brown