Please be in prayer for our Life in the City brothers and sisters, as well as those in crisis around the globe. If you have a prayer concern or celebration, please contact Pastor Chansin at 817-559-4040 or


  • Grateful for Lynn Barton and his presence at Life in the City!

  • Thankful for continued resources and volunteers as our ministry to friends in need grows

  • Thankful that we worship a God of abundance and that God continues to provide

  • Grateful that hope abounds even in challenging times

  • Grateful for all gifted musicians and creatives in our community, and for them sharing those gifts w/ us


  • Ashley and Aiden as they work through their first semester of seminary.

  • Lexi’s father, who needs a new heart

  • Aiden’s roommate’s father, who was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Amy's father Phillip is home recovering from heart surgery. Prayers for encouragement for him

  • Prayers for Cathy Boitz at the loss of her son, Alan

  • Sonja - prayer for healing and prayers to succeed in school

  • For ongoing healing for Mark Miller as he recovers from back surgery

  • Prayers for healing for Doak

  • Prayers for healing and pain relief for Brenda

  • For Debra Lawson for relief of pain and for healing of her body

  • Lou and Richard Watson - lost their oldest brother and wife

  • Continued prayers of healing for Andrew Sterling

  • Jefre and his work

  • Prayers of healing and health for Dan W.

  • Prayers for the LGBTQ community and the Church

  • Prayer for leaders, staff, volunteers, ministries of and entire Life in the City community

  • For David & Susan Duschatko. For David's health as he battles with the brain tumor.

  • For Lauren Horst

  • For our neighbors who do not yet know the power of God's healing love

  • Stephen Ministry and the care receivers

  • Prayers for those living on the margins in our community

  • World leaders and their decision-making process in deciding how to respond to the threats of terrorism in our world.

  • For those seeking refuge from the horrible conditions in their countries

  • Prayers for an end to racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, classism, misogyny, homophobia, islamophobia, etc...

  • Peace in Iraq, Syria, and Libya; for a solution to ISIS be found.

  • Prayer for those struggling with substance abuse, mental illness, suicide, and staying in recovery.

When you are faced with a crisis or difficulty, a Stephen Minister is available to provide confidential, one-on-one Christian care. Please contact Lisa Morrow for more information at (512) 897-7568